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Python for Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science dedicated to the development of intelligent machines. Recently, it has evolved into a vital constituent of the present computer technology. Research related to AI is a highly technological and specialised field. The core challenges of AI include programming the computers for certain human like behaviours such as learning, knowledge, reasoning, problem solving, ability to manipulate and move objects etc. Machines can act and respond like humans only if they have a lot of information about the real world. In order to apply knowledge engineering, artificial intelligence needs access to objects, categories, properties, and relationships between them. It's tricky and time-consuming to teach machines common sense, reasoning, and problem-solving skills.

AI also includes machine learning which may be supervised and unsupervised. Learning without supervision necessitates the ability to spot patterns in streams of data. On the other hand learning with appropriate supervision necessitates classification and numerical regressions. Classification process decides which category an object belongs to, while regression is concerned with obtaining a set of numerical input or output. Therefore, it provides functions that enable the generation of appropriate outputs from respective inputs. This internship is focused on the concepts of various fields of AI such as Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and its implementation in Python.

Certification fee: 4999 (INR)

Duration: 1 Months, 7-8hrs/Week

Certification fee: 2499 (INR)

Duration: 15 Days, 9-10hrs/Week

Week 1
Basics of python and its libraries related to artificial intelligence will be discussed
Week 2

Implementation of various techniques in pythons which are used in AI

Week 3

Problem identification and formulation

Major project

Week 4

Major project assessment

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