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Industrial Internships

Computer Robot
Advance Machine Learning

User will be able to apply linear/logistic regression models in real life scenarios. Moreover he/she will be able to do data pre-processing, utilize Supervised and Unsupervised learning in their own model and develop their own applications.

Image by Fitore F
Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing or NLP is a field of Artificial Intelligence. When you join the track, you can start using your new skills right away. you will be able to implement bag of words, tokenization, stemming, Lemmatization and many more to develop your own programs such as text suggestion,  video suggestion etc

Chemical Plant
Chemical Process Control using MATLAB

Chemical reactors, which convert raw materials into useful chemicals, are undoubtedly the most essential components of many petroleum, chemical, biochemical, polymer, and processes industries. These reactors facilitate various types of reactions that turn reactants into products and provide a wide range of useful and important products. The reliable, consistent and economical operation of chemical reactors affects much of our modern society.

Hands on Computer Keyboard
Python for AI

This track is designed in such as way that User will get to know python for basic Machine Learning and Natural language Processing algorithms. At the end of the course he/she will be able to develop various application in python

Mixer Keys
Control System Design and Optimization

Have you ever thought how quadcopters, temperature regulators, or self-balancing scooters are designed? Do you have an interest in controller designing and have heard about "PID control algorithm" and want to learn more about it?

Multicopter Drone
Modelling and Control of Real-Time Systems

Mathematical models of real plants are commonly created to investigate their behaviour in response to different inputs. Because of the risk of plant failure and the high cost of testing, implementing a new control scheme on an operating plant is not recommended. Control engineers can analyse the output of a control system in the in presence of dynamic disturbances using computer simulations of mathematical models without disturbing the actual system.

Data Reviewing
Python, MySQL and Flask

This track will help user to design application architecture. Track will guide how to use flask to call restAPI and store data in MySQL Database using python. In this track user will get end-to-end understanding of an application and will be able to develop python application

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