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Natural Language Processing (NLP) using Python

Computers and machines are quite convenient to deal with tabular data or spreadsheets. On the other hand, humans are always comfortable in communication via words and sentences, not through tables. Unstructured content is prevalent in human speech and writing. As a result, it's not sure how machines would view this unstructured content. The aim of Natural Language Processing (NLP) is to allow computers understand unstructured text and extract useful information from it. NLP is a branch of artificial intelligence that deals with the interaction of machines and humans.

In this internship you will learn about the basic principles of NLP such as how to open and work with text and PDF files with Python, as well as how to use regular expressions to search for custom patterns inside of text files. Further you'll be introduced to open-source libraries of NLP in python to perform the tasks like tokenization, parsing and entity recognition etc. During this internship you'll get the chance to go hands on with a variety of methods for coding NLP tasks ranging from stemming and chunking, lemmatization, and other tokenization methods.

Certification fee: 5499 (INR)

Duration: 1 Months, 7-8hrs/Week

Certification fee: 2999 (INR)

Duration: 15 Days, 9-10hrs/Week

Week 1
Refreshing the basics of python, familiarization with the basics of NLP and its workflow
Week 2

Problem identification and formulation

Major project

Week 3

Problem identification and formulation

Major project

Week 4

Major project assessment

Blog publishing

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