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Modelling and Control of Real-Time Systems using MATLAB

Mathematical models of real plants are commonly created to investigate their behavior in response to different inputs. Because of the risk of plant failure and the high cost of testing, implementing a new control scheme on an operating plant is not recommended. Control engineers can analyse the output of a control system in the in presence of dynamic disturbances using computer simulations of mathematical models without disturbing the actual system. Furthermore, the operator can examine the plant's reaction in crucial situations by simulating a mathematical model, which is never suggested in a real-time operation of plant. Therefore, mathematical models can be used instead of actual plants, and they are important, effective, and common tools for simulation study of any real process. Thus, the focus of this internship is to make to learn about the modelling of real-time systems such a MAGLEV system, Half Quadrotor, Continuous stirred tank reactor (CSTR) etc. Further, advance control schemes will also be implemented to control such sophisticated non-linear systems.

Certification fee: 4999 (INR)

Duration: 1 Months, 7-8hrs/Week

Certification fee: 1999 (INR)

Duration: 15 Days, 8-10hrs/Week

Week 1
Basics of mathematical modelling, simulation and control, case study of industrial plants
Week 2

Implementation of Mathematical modelling and control algorithm in MATLAB

Week 3

Problem identification and formulation

Major project

Week 4

Major project assessment

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