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Control System Design and Optimization using MATLAB

Have you ever thought how quadcopters, temperature regulators, or self-balancing scooters are designed? Do you have an interest in controller designing and have heard about "PID control algorithm" and want to learn more about it?


The theory of feedback control is extremely significant in engineering. We use feedback control in our daily life unknowingly while driving a car, picking a ball, or stand upright. It adjusts or corrects actuation (e.g. driving angle, motor inertia, or heater output) based on sensor data (e.g. light, temperature, or velocity). The feedback control is widely used in almost every phase of life and industrial environment. Thus, the motive of this internship to introduce you to the concepts of advance control theory and best industrial practices used in control engineering. In this internship you will also learn and implement state-of-the-art control algorithms and their parametric optimization techniques.  

Registration fee: 4999 (INR)

Duration: 1 Months, 7-8hrs/Week

Certification fee: 1999 (INR)

Duration: 15 Days, 8-10hrs/Week

Week 1
Basics of mathematical modelling, simulation and control, case study of industrial plants
Week 2

Implementation of Mathematical modelling and control algorithm in MATLAB

Week 3

Problem identification and formulation

Major project

Week 4

Major project assessment

Blog publishing

Prerequisites for this internship

  • Through knowledge of Control Systems

  • Beginner level of programming experience is required

  • Basics of MATLAB/Simulink

  • MATLAB Software

Apply only if you really want to work

Online, Work from Home
Industry Projects Only
Bring Your Idea Sessions
Instructor led Training
30+ Hours of Interaction 
One Mandatory Blog
Industry Ready check
Placement Assistance 
Special Monitory Award for Star performers
Financial Aid Available 
Weekend / Evening Classes for IT Professionals & College Students
Resume Building
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