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Chemical Plant

Chemical Process Control using MATLAB

Chemical reactors, which convert raw materials into useful chemicals, are undoubtedly the most essential components of many petroleum, chemical, biochemical, polymer, and processes industries. These reactors facilitate various types of reactions that turn reactants into products and provide a wide range of useful and important products. The reliable, consistent and economical operation of chemical reactors affects much of our modern society.

Reactor-based technologies provide many of the materials used in clothes, homes, vehicles, machinery, construction, electronics, and healthcare. Reactors play a significant role in the food and beverage sectors also where agricultural goods are processed. We use pesticides and herbicides (are produced in chemical reactors) on crop fields and orchards to help sustainable agriculture progress. Fermentation reactors produce some of the medications that are used in modern era of medical world. It is clear that for better or worse, our industrial world makes heavy use of chemical reactors. However, in reactor design and control, the question of safety is paramount. As per the report of chemical safety board serious incidents are reported involving uncontrolled chemical reactors which leads to serious fatalities. Therefore, this internship is designed to study, model and simulate the operation of chemical reactors. Advance control algorithms are also designed and implemented to achieve stable and efficient control of chemical reactors.

Certification fee: 4999 (INR)

Duration: 1 Months, 7-8hrs/Week

Duration: 15 Days, 8-10hrs/Week

Certification fee: 1999 (INR)

Week 1
Basics of mathematical modelling of chemical reactors, simulation and control schemes are discussed
Week 2

Implementation of Mathematical modelling and control algorithm in MATLAB

Week 3

Problem identification and formulation

Major project

Week 4

Major project assessment

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